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As the photos show, David Andrew Eyles just returned from the World Dental Congress in Madrid.
So what has been making an impact in the world of dentistry?
These are a few of the world wide trends and scientific statistical observations.
Forget any scare tactics and misinformation, and remember this:-
Fluoride reduces decay enormously which means you have less fillings. It makes sense doesn’t it?
(We know the cost of dentistry can be very expensive but sustained applications of Fluoride and regular check-ups means less cost to you.
In effect, we are advocating something that in the long term will reduce the need for dentists!)
Nurofen (400g) provides the best pain relief for most people. (NB if you have a medical condition which prevents you from taking Nurofen (Ibuprofen) please do not start to take it, without consulting your GP)
In addition, Nurofen (400g) and Panadol (500g) taken together every 4 to 6 hours as required, will provide even greater pain relief for severe toothaches, on a short term basis.
Sadly, like the rest of medicine, we are grappling with the needs of our ageing population.
It is a work in progress and we are on to it. Just like all other aspects of your health, improved scientific research and the application of the data received, leads to better clinical results – ie In short, longer life seems to be a combination of good genes and good habits, diet and exercise. Everything in moderation.
These things we already know, but it is a reassuring confirmation of this. This means you must keep your teeth, eat well exercise and long may we live!
David Eyles

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