Mosman Dental Hygienist

Hygienists are professionally trained in diagnosing and treating gum problems. Gum disease shows up as red, puffy, bleeding gums (gingivitis) or pain, mobile teeth, halitosis (bad breath), discharge (periodontitis-a more severe form of gum disease).

Sometimes the presence of Periodontitis reflects that a systemic illness is occurring (such as Diabetes Mellitus, White cell disorders, coronary heart disease etc), therefore it is essential to be aware of how healthy your gums are.

Benefits of Seeing a Hygienist Regularly include:

  • Prevention of dental disease
  • Early identification of disease and timely treatment, which is time and cost efficient for the patient,as problems are addressed while they are small
  • Maintenance of teeth and gums at an optimal level of health
  • Increasing self esteem and confidence.


We generally recommend seeing a Hygienist every six months, however for some people this can be too much, and for others too little. The hygienist will advise the best course of action for each individual.

Meet our Dental Hygienist, Alice Kucera.