Sedation Dentistry

A smile goes a long way in defining your mood or your state of mind. At Mosman Dental Clinic, we will work towards giving back your teeth the shiny glow they’ve been missing without any fear or pain.

Dental sedation takes the fear out of your visit to the dentist. Suppose you’ve been going through a rough patch with dental sedation services at previous practices. In that case, you can rest assured that when looking for dental sedation in Sydney, our Mosman Dental Clinic is one of your most reliable places to visit without having a fear of the dentist’s chair.


This dental sedation technique entails administering an anti-anxiety compound through the veins. This type of sedation is also called “sleep dentistry” or “twilight dentistry.” The truth is, the drug won’t make you fall asleep but will help you feel at ease and relaxed.


This dental sedation method involves breathing in nitrous oxide (laughing gas) together with oxygen through a mask. The dentist will control the amount of sedation you get, helping you to relax. When it comes to dental sedation in Sydney, this is the only sedation method where you can drive yourself home after the procedure.


For minimal sedation, your dentist will recommend taking a pill for dental sedation. Taking oral medicine will make you drowsy, even though you won’t fall asleep. Sometimes, larger doses are given in order to achieve moderate sedation.


If you fear or have anxiety about dental treatments, then sleep dentistry is perfect for you. It’s also ideal for people with:
  • Low pain threshold
  • Highly sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflex,
  • Candidates for complex dental treatments.
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