Be in Safe Hands – See the Experts on Botox Treatments

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Mosman Dental Clinic provides the expertise and knowledge that is imperative for a safe and aesthetically natural botox treatment. As professionals with extensive and continual training in the latest dental techniques, we provide best practices in botox facial rejuvenation to complement your dental treatments. Mosman Dental Clinic’s botox treatments are undertaken by Dr. Gabrielle Traynor BDS (Syd). Dr. Traynor is a professional with many years of experience in the dental field. Knowledge of, and training on the anatomy of the face, head, neck, bone structure and nerves gives Dr. Traynor an authoritative insight into each patient’s natural facial rejuvenation options. With a focus on cosmetic restoration, Dr.Traynor also has a wealth of practical experience in cosmetic dentistry. She has years of experience in treating the function, form and appearance of degraded teeth. It is with this in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy and bone structure that Dr. Traynor expertly assesses each client’s face to ensure our botox treatments are catered for each individual. Each patient’s head, neck, facial structure and sensitivity is taken into account to result in a balanced and natural aesthetic. Other botox treatments can be undertaken by technicians who have had neither dental nor anatomical training. This can result in unpredictable and sometimes, complicated esthetic results. Our qualified dental expert provides professional care and expertise in botox treatments that cosmetic technicians cannot match. This measured and professional approach provides our patients with a refreshed, healthy, natural smile that lasts. Mosman Dental Clinic is the area’s longest established dental surgery. Put your trust in our trained dental restoration professional. For peace-of-mind, safety and expert guidance on botox therapy options, please call Mosman Dental Clinic for a confidential appointment.

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